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Vermont and Vermont State Parks are so beautiful, we want to share them with you. We have dedicated volunteer photographers and videographers who share their time and talent with us. We also receive some great photos from park visitors. So take a few minutes and soak in the exceptional beauty, inspiration and fun Vermont State Parks has to offer by clicking on the links below. If you have some park photos you would like to share with us, please send them to anr.parks@vermont.gov.

Photography Interns

Our photography interns travel around the state to bring us great photos. For information about how to become a photography intern, click here.

The current photographer interns are:

Former Interns

  • Al Abrams
  • Julie Acker
  • Dawn Ainsworth
  • Paul Anderson
  • Nicholas Babbitt
  • Ian Barnum
  • Caroline Bell
  • Michelle Boucher
  • Olympia Bowker
  • Chet Brown
  • Luc Bernier
  • Paul Cadorette
  • Linda Carlsen-Sperry
  • Paul Carney
  • Krista Cheney
  • Aswini Cherukuri
  • Jared Clark
  • Alexa Collesides
  • Jason Croteau
  • Carolyn Dean
  • Taylor Drake
  • Christine Ertel
  • Jeff Gauthier
  • Deb Gay
  • Lene Gary
  • David Green
  • Gary Hall
  • Penny Hayes
  • Sara Hayes
  • Patrick Henry
  • Brad and Beth Herder
  • Karl Hubbard
  • Ben Hudson
  • Alex Jacobson
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Justin Lajoie
  • James LaMorder
  • Jared Lennox
  • John Lyman
  • Meghan Lynch
  • Joseph Lucot
  • Alexandra Martin
  • Cynthia Masi-Neuenfeld
  • Evan Masseau
  • Shari McBride
  • Max Mishkin
  • Eric Montgomery
  • Sharon McQuarrie-Krampitz
  • Jennifer Minehart
  • Thomas Moran
  • Paul Noah
  • Nichole Olmstead
  • Kevin Oulundsen
  • Julia Parent
  • Diane Parenteau
  • Elizabeth Podhaizer
  • Lindsay Pokorak
  • Norn and Sharon Rabtoy
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Stan Semuski
  • Kelly Schulze
  • Will Sedlack
  • Nick Segal
  • Robert Shumskis
  • Rachael Smith
  • Jean Snide
  • Barry Solman
  • Molly Stromowski
  • Ellie Stover
  • Mark Sumner
  • Mark and Kim Sweeney
  • Megan Taylor
  • Debbie Thomas
  • Max Truman
  • Gary Wells
  • Sweep Voll
  • Caitlin Vollman
  • Adam White
  • Kristy Willey
  • Olivia Wolf

Park Photo Galleries

Click on the links below to view the park's photo gallery.


Camping Tips & Tricks

A Day in the Life

2016 Campfire Cook-off Video Challenge Winners

First place: "Campfire Apple Tarts" by Sally Cook
Second place: "Breakfast Moon Pies" by Gary Sager

Additional videos can be found on the parks' You Tube channel.

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