Organization Account Benefits

Founding Members:
(Members joining prior to Launch)

Free ticket to Launch Party

20% discount for 3 years

Pre-release access to The Fishbowl

VIP access to The Fishbowl events


Search members, events and projects

Message any Fishbowl member

Join any project for free

Create your own project for $10

Invitation to Fishbowl events

Optional advertising

Optional reporting

(billed as $1200/yr)
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All the Basic Features, PLUS:

Create projects for free

Advertising and Showcase placement included

VIP Access to Fishbowl events and 1 promo included

Listing in Fishbowl promotional materials

All Reporting included

3 Entrepreneur Scholarships (Individual Memberships)

(billed as $3000/yr)
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Organization Name

Payment Information

$1200 $3000
Organization Plan Benefits Basic Premium
Annual fee $1200 $3000
Full community access
Search content, members
Criteria-based alerts
The Fishbowl special report Eligible Eligible
Project posting In-app purchase Free
Project participation
Fishbowl event access In-app purchase
The Fishbowl Trustworthy certification badge In-app purchase
In-app Advertising In-app purchase Free
In-app Advertising - Priority listing
Showcase placement on The Fishbowl website
Member Showcase at The Fishbowl events Eligible
Start-up Trending Reports* In-app purchase
Custom criteria reporting In-app purchase
Inclusion in The Fishbowl promotional materials
Entrepreneur Scholarships (Individual Memberships) 3
Fishbowl Event - promo opportunity In-app purchase 1 Free
Founding Member Benefits (members joining prior to launch)
Free ticket to Launch party 3 3
Founding member discount for 3 years 20% 20%
Pre-release access to The Fishbowl
VIP access to The Fishbowl events